TAQA Al Khaleej Company:

Located at Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Abi bakr As Siddiq branch Road, Al Mursalat District, 7510-4314, P.O. Box 12462.


This means the end-user of the products who actually signed this contract.


Means any products presented in this contract from TAQA Al Khaleej such as solar heaters, central gas boilers, radiators, swimming pool heaters, and any products and supplies required for installation.

Delivery receipt:

A document submitted when the products are delivered to the customer, and the customer must keep and submit them upon installation or in the event of a refund and the termination of the contract or replacement.

Warranty certificate:

Delivered when operating the products, and you should make sure the warranty period is written down for each product separately.

Contracts’ Standard Terms

TAQA Al Khaleej is committed to

  • Designing central heating, heating systems, and boilers based on customer’s drawings.
  • To store the contracted products for a maximum period of 6 months from the contract.
  • To start implementing the heating network no later than a month in the contract.
  • The transfer process to the customer’s place of residence and the customer does not carry out this transfer in order to secure the products.
  • Supplying the unit on the ground floor (the entrance to the property) and in the event that the customer requests the installation of the product in any different place the customer will provide labor to move the product from the ground floor to the place of installation. In the event that the customer requests that the product be stored in a location other than the installation site, the customer shall be obligated to provide labor to transport the product at the time of installation.
  • The products are delivered to the customer and the customer signs the receipt in full, as it is not accepted to report the loss of one part of the products after signing the delivery receipt.
  • Implementing and installing central water and space heating systems assigned by the engineering drawing.
  • Bringing the specialized labor and all the necessary tasks, materials, tools, and equipment with the necessary number and efficiency to work regularly and to be responsible for its safety when arriving at the site.
  • Delivering hot water under the solar heater or under the central boiler and/or heating the pool water (swimming pool heating systems with a temperature of 30 degrees Celsius), and/or running heaters (heating systems of rooms and spaces with a temperature of 24 degrees Celsius) according to the contract terms.
  • Warranty condition is according to the period mentioned in the product warranty certificate and starts from the date of operation, and implies performing periodic maintenance every 6 months at a value of 150 Egyptian pounds per visit borne by the customer even during the warranty period and the amount is subject to increase based on the prices announced by the company at the time. Note: The warranty does not include disposables (for example filter or magnesium column).

The customer is committed to

  • Enabling representatives of TAQA Al Khaleej to survey the site where the products are to be installed to avoid any obstacles during installations.
  • Providing the right place to store the units and complete all necessary connections for each unit.
  • Providing a cold water source and an electrical source in the location of installing the central boiler.
  • Isolating the surface or installation site and tiling it and collecting hot water lines with a diameter of 1-inch “poly insulated” until the installation point specified by TAQA Al Khaleej (in the case of installing the devices outside).
  • The installation date according to the request of TAQA Al Khaleej, according to the contract concluded with the customer. In the event that the site has been visited and it is not ready for installation, another date for the visit is determined according to the availability of the TAQA team schedule and the customer’s confirmation.
  • To bear the value of the plumbing supplies required for installation on the roof and inside the house or to provide it and it is not subject to warranty.
  • The works of hot water networks from the boiler or boilers to the main stalagmites, bathrooms, kitchens, and return lines with isolation while ensuring their efficiency and short distances and submitting a certificate of the safety of pipes and safety of water pressure from the company supplying the pipes.
  • Hot water networks from the boiler or boilers to the main heating valve plates on each floor.
  • Any construction at a customer’s site related to the place of installation for the contracted units.
  • Internal plumbing networks, gas pressure, water pressure, sanitary works, and electrical network.
  • Any connections related to gas, whether natural gas or LPG, and in the case of operating using LPG, connections must be approved by the gas company in order to ensure the safety and protection of individuals and the company is not responsible for anything other than that.
  • Providing sufficient LPG cylinders in the event that gas is not available at the time of delivery.
  • Providing a protection box for boilers in the case of installation outside. TAQA Al Khaleej is committed to informing the customer of the measurements required for the protection box.
  • The value of the consumption of electricity, water, or gas.
  • The operating instructions included in the warranty certificate or product catalog.

General terms

In the event of a complaint, it must be submitted by the customer who contracted the company, then a technical committee is formed within the company to find out the type of malfunction and whether it is a manufacturing defect or misuse by the customer, and a report is prepared.

After presenting the report to TAQA Al Khaleej management, the customer will be notified of the report’s result within a maximum period of 7 days from the date of submitting the complaint.

In the event of a manufacturing defect, the company is obliged to change or repair the required piece (provided the product is in the warranty period) or the replacement piece and its price is presented to the customer for purchase and installation by the TAQA team (in case the product is outside the warranty period).

The allowed period for storing the products at TAQA Al Khaleej warehouse is 6 months as a maximum from the date of the contract for free. And in the event that the customer wants to increase the storage period at the company’s warehouse, he/she shall pay 1% of the total contract value for each additional month, as additional storage expenses.

Return policy and termination of the contract or exchange

After the supply of products: the customer has the right to cancel the contract within 14 days from the date of supply and submit the delivery receipt provided that the products are in their original condition which is; The packaging of each product is complete inside the product box not opened or operated and the customer will bear the transportation cost only.

Before supply of products: The customer has the right to cancel the contract within a period not exceeding 30 days from the date of the contract without deducting any fees.

  • In the case of a period exceeding 30 days and a maximum of 3 months from the date of the contract, 10% of the contract value will be deducted as administrative expenses for TAQA Al Khaleej.
  • In case the customer exceeds 3 months, 15% of administrative expenses will be deducted, and this is the maximum deduction.

Replacement After agreeing to the terms of the replacement, and in the event of a price difference in favor of TAQA Al Khaleej, the customer pays this value when the contract is updated. In the event of a price difference in favor of the customer, TAQA Al Khaleej will issue a check for the amount of the amount within a week from the date of the contract update. In both cases, the customer will bear the value of incidental and transportation expenses (if the supply was done) and the customer will pay or it will be deducted from the value due to the customer.

The customer should not cancel the supply of products on the same day previously agreed upon with him/her.

Conflict situations

North Cairo Court is responsible to hear any dispute between the two parties regarding the terms of this contract.

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